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Top Ten Reasons Gamers Are Better In Bed
The Devil On My Shoulder Is A Parrot
D20 - Let a Playa Play
I Heart Steampunk
STFU University
Method Acting Vs. Methed Acting
They See Me Rollin D20, They Hatin
You Can't Just Waltz In Here Like That! (Wrong Time Signature)
I Heart Kerning
Autocorrect can go duck itself
"The Internet is an Excellent Source of Information, All of it True" ~ Benjamin Franklin, 17th President
Y.O.L.O. - The New Battle Cry Of Natural Selection
Hi There, I'm Sliced Bread. Perhaps You've Heard of Me?
My Alignment is Chaotic Awesome
Yes We Khan
Pie Rates of the Caribbean
Top 10 Shakespeare Porn Titles
Things Computer Geeks Say that Sound Dirty But Aren't
If Your Not Literally Dying Inside As You Read This, Than Its Time Too Tell You're Parent's There Tax Dollars Were Wasted
Never Underestimate the Value of a Good Poofreader
I Intend to Render You Unconscious. My Mother Instructed Me To Do So.
Fireballs: Reach Out and Torch Someone
Well That Escalated Quickly
Suit of Armor, Pseudo Armor, Suit of Armoire
Gamer's Diner
Detale Oriented
Actors - You've Got To Give Them Props
Ninjas and Pirates and Zombies, oh my!
This is your brain. Your brain on drugs. Your brain on the internet.
Practice the Karma Sutra - Bad People Always Get Screwed in the End
Starve a Zombie - Go Blonde
Easter Island
Wizard Parking Only - Violators Will Be Toad
Carpe DM
Merry Newtonmas
I am Not a Geek - I Just Play One in D&D
Higgs Boson: Hide and Seek Champion (1964-2012)
Swarley - NPH with 2 shots of Awesome
I'd Double Tap That
You Rock - Too Bad I'm Paper
The Geeks Shall Inherit the Earth
The Man - The Hammer
Necromancers: Top Pick Up Lines
Let's Get This Party Started
English Major - If I Say It, It's A Word
The Best Things In Life Are Super
How Awesome People Run Marathons - Step 1: You Start Running. Step 2: There is no Step 2.
Science! It's Like Magic For Grown Ups
Plato, Aristotle, Socrates - Morons!
Death Star For Sale
Mathematicians - Always Going Off on Tangents
Warning Labels - Telling Natural Selection To Go Suck It Since the 1970s
Practice Safe Humor. Stop, Drop and ROFL
I Want YOU to Evolve
If I Only Had Some BRAINS!
Sometimes Saying "It's What's Inside That Counts," means "You Have A Promising Future as an Organ Donor."
Spellcheck - It's My Guardian Angle
What do we want? Absurdism! When do we want it? Pancakes!
When the Going Gets Tough - The Tough Get Health Potions
Let's Settle This  Mana A Mana
Eleven out of Ten Statistics are Completely Bogus
I Love The Knight Life
Great Britain - America's Oregon Donor
LOL - You Keep Using That Acronym. I Do Not Think It Means What You Think It Means.
Your Cruisers Can't Repel Awesomeness of this Magnitude
High Tech Definition
8 Ways to Torture an OCD Friend
Typical Work Day
All Kashyyyk League - Wookiee of the Year
Bros Before Hos - Any Questions?
A List of Fondues and Fondon'ts
Crit is a Four Letter Word
Drop the Beet
Brain Fart In Progress
Necromancers - The Skeletons In Your Closet Work For Us
Check Please!
Death Star Plans - Jar Jar's Dance Mix
I'm Not Lazy - I'm an Animated GIF waiting to be Triggered by a Rollover Behavior
Geek Goddess
Wok Like an Egyptian
Geek in Shining Armor
Im 2 Txty 4 My Shrt
Luggage Crossing
Silent Knight, Holey Knight
You Don't Know the Power of the Dwarf Side
Tech Support Definition
Abstinence - Please Don't Pee in Our Gene Pool
Necromancers - We're Bringing Sexy Back
Po-ta-toes? Boil 'Em, Mash 'Em, Stick 'Em in a Stew, All of the Above
OCD - Si
Warning: Stupidification May Occur
Who Has Two Thumbs and Spends Too Much Time on the Internet? This Guy.
Original Bankser - Dollar Dollar Bills Y'all
Apple Pi
I.T. - Industrial Titans
Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Text No Evil.
Custom Grills and Rims
Beware of the Abdominal Snowman
Pi is Irrational
Pterodactyls - Ridding the World of Idiots Since 180 Million B.C.
Neon - Showy Bastard
Nacho Chips
Paradise is a Pair of Dice
Wanted - My Other Sock
Pineapple - 0% Pine, 0% Apple, 100% Delicious
You Must Have an IQ at Least This Tall to Talk With Me
Now We're Cookin'
Internet Definition
I Liked Vampires Before They Were Sparkly
Fantasy Football Wizard
I'm Not Bald - My Hair Is Made Out Of Ninjas
Mediocre Scott
Shuffle, Cut, Win, Deal, Repeat
God Bless the Atheists - It Confuses Them
I Had an Imaginary Friend. His Name is the Square Root of Negative One.
I'll Trade You All the King's Horses For A Roll of Duct Tape
King Pin
Sex in the Campground, it's Fuckin' Intense!
Legendary Buttkicker
If at First You Don't Succeed - Ctrl Z
Guilty As Charged
Michelangelo Code
Top 8 Signs You Need A New Cellphone
Choose Your Alignment
Actions speak louder than words - Please, no mimes in the library.
I'm Just Waiting For My Montage
I'll Math You So Hard You'll Wish You'd Never Been Mathed
Want Proof That Humans are Over 95 Percent Chimpanzee? Look at Congress
Sine Language
E = MC Squared - Al Einstein
You Don't Know the Power of the Dark Side
 Ale Chemists - Turning Lead Feet into Golden Dance Moves Since the Dark Ages


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